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Typical Cannabis Business listing… Get yours today!

Full featured listing capability…

Claim your existing listing then edit your site! Or Create a NEW listing!

10 image allowance + 1 YouTube Video link (or your own video)

Standard AD and Profile Features:
Breadcrumb search and advanced sort features
Google Map locator – Profile address addition – GPS MAP feature
eMail messaging system between parties – Get a lead!
Advanced Description – Add Rate Tables
Whatsapp contact number
FAQs – Additional Instructions such as services, rates, specials
Appointment Booking feature
Website links to owner website – Link to your other sites or Facebook
Listing Reviews by customers – Reputation management!
Verified User feature – Claim your listing to edit your site!
Links to your social sites – More exposure on the internet!
Sitemap Submission to google and other search engines
Social site submission

Client/Owner Administration:
Views and Contacts statistics
Create Ads, Announcements, and Events – Generate leads!
Booking System Option – Small Shop owners can BOOK clients!
Menu System – Restaurants can Add a menu!

Plus many more features…

Need Help? We can help with your listings… importing, text, SEO, website and video development.

*some features are only available need a premium subscription


Find and Claim your Business Listing Your Listing is Important! Get the best value you can. Your profit is the important thing. We want to help with local service that cares and knows the area. You are not too big...You are not too small. You are just the right size.

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Santiva Santiva description Santiva description
$7 $10
Indica Indica description Indica description
$5 $10
Other Products
Pipes Description of pipes Description of pipes
$7 $10
CBD Description of CBD Description of CBD
$9 $10