To make it as easy as possible to browse, post, and find cannabis businesses worldwide.


A good, clean site where browsing is easy and quick using the latest internet tools available.


Free to use, free to browse listings, free to contact sellers.


Direct communication between owners and clients. No middleman to take commissions.

List your Cannabis Business, find leads, work together, succeed!

Let’s make a partnership that you can afford

Many cannabis properties, whether they are dispensaries or just doctors, have a hard time getting listed in booking websites.

Either it is too expensive, or those sites just don’t think you are important. Maybe your city is not large. Maybe you are not one of the “known” areas.

But you have a lot to offer. Your city has great history. It might even be a good place to relax and get away.

Or you might be in an area with a lot of business travelers coming in. They may not know you even exist.

We want to end that as much as you do. We want the travelers to make the choices. Each traveler has different needs and desires.

Let’s fit their needs with your business property. Let’s make a partnership that you can afford. If we work together, we will all succeed.

People talking about us

“ We have exceeded our goals for how many people are going to our website, staying on our website and also calling us… We’ve always viewed our relationship with Leeway as an investment to keep us current in our community and to keep us relevant and our brand out there.”